Somatropin is the name for Human Growth Hormone, or HGH. This hormone is produced in our brains, in a gland called the pituitary. We start producing a lot of HGH when we are young; that is what makes our bodies grow. HGH is produced continuously in large quantities throughout the teens and early twenties.

But then at about the age of thirty, HGH production slows down a bit. By the time a person is in their forties, they are producing one tenth of what they used to produce. That is why people develop a bit of body fat around the middle, and why it is so difficult to lose weight.

People who buy Somatropin know this, and what happens is that they now have a new outlook on what is happening to the. There have been reports of people saying that they have lost excess weight, that they feel and look years younger, and even their sex drive has returned.

Since Human Growth Hormone affects every gland in the body, that just might be true. We do know that it helps fight disease by affecting the immune system. It helps the thymus gland produce immune system cells, and this help prevent disease.

So you might want to ask where to find Somatropin for sale. It is available by prescription, provided you have a growth hormone deficiency. Overwhelmingly, most of us do not have a deficiency as far as medical science goes. But we want it, anyway. So there is a way to get it without a prescription. That way is to go online and look for it.

It is for sale as a liquid, and in that form it must be injected daily. Since we do not want to inject anything, let us look for a pill. Yes, there are HGH pills available as well.

But, you can not take a pill of HGH without the liver destroying it. So there is a problem we must get around again, so to speak. Here is what we will do:

We are going to find precursors that survive the liver that will make your pituitary gland behave as if you were a young teenager. Yes, we can do that, and we have the ability to find and take it legally, without a prescription.

Look for HGH or Somatropin supplements, and those pills contain the precursors that you need to produce all the HGH that you can handle. Imagine feeling thirty or forty years younger, and imagine losing weight and gaining back a sex drive you had when you were young. That is what has been reported by people who take the supplements, and they report it all the time, trying to convince their friends to take the supplements as well.

When these supplements enter your stomach, they are digested. Some go directly to your blood stream, where they go to your pituitary. Some go to the liver, and surviving that chemical factory, they go to your pituitary. This traverse takes about twenty four hours. So, if you take one pill per day, in four months or so (that is how long it takes, although you will find some difference in just a few days) you will know what we are talking about!